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ICON Linear Ethanol Burner

The ICON Linear Ethanol Burner MB614 and LB914 can be built into a stone or marble (any non-combustible material) plinth, within a fireplace setting or into a chimney breast.
Providing a contemporary alternative to a traditional open fireplace, the linear burners are easily installed without any flueing requirements.

The widths of the burners available are:
614mm and 914mm.

ICON offers the following installation options:
- Cover box in either stainless steel or black to house the burner should you wish to build the fireplace into the wall, and
- Fold inserts in stainless steel or black should you wish to fill the void of an existing fireplace.

Each have a 10-Litre capacity combustion chamber that enables the fire to burn for between 15-23 hours using ethanol fuel. This is 50%-80% longer than any other burner in the marketplace. 

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Models and dimensions are subject to change without notice. Please use as a guide only.