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Lopi 564 Direct Vent fireplace

The Lopi 564 HO GS2 and 564 Cleanface GS2 offer two heating output options within the same dimension fireplace.

The 564 Clean Face GS2 offers a huge turn-down rate to make it ideal for smaller rooms such as bedrooms and dens or for those wanting a more decorative fire to heat up to 90m2. It comes standard with the standard log set with a contemporary clean face trim that does not detract from the viewing window of the firebox. There is a range of fireback liners to choose from. This unit is the perfect compromise between a modern linear fire and one that is more traditionally proportioned. 

The 564HO GS2  has a surprisingly high output for a smaller dimensional fire and heats up to 158m2 with a larger choice of media that includes the Ember-fyre, Dancing-Fyre or contemporary Diamond-Fyre. The trim options are designed with grills to maximise the amount of heat being directed into the room before starting to rise. 

The pyro-ceramic glass face also enhances the radiant heat, which helps to penetrate the surfaces of your home to keep it warm once the fire is switched off. 

Like all Lopi fireplaces both are zero clearance. The 564 Clean Face must be installed into stud framework while the 564 Ho is flexible to be installed into either masonry or stud framework.

564-HO-GS Flame Footage from Travis Industries on Vimeo.

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