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**Exclusively to Fireplaces WA - Da Vinci by Lopi - a range of custom-made gas fires for luxury commercial and residential architectural applications**

The benefit of a built-in gas fireplace is that it burns at the click of a switch. Depending on your choice of heater most are operable via a wall switch or remote control.

Fireplaces WA offers you the choice of both open-fronted and glass-fronted balanced flue fireplaces. Open fireplaces offer the ambiance of radiant and convected heat, as well as the extra boost of fan-forced heat, which is perfect to heat up the room when you first arrive home.

Balanced flue options such as the Lopi, Ortal and Regency brands have very high heat output units with sophisticated technology to ensure you not only have a beautiful centerpiece but you are also maximising efficiency and keeping your gas costs down. 

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A Jetmaster gas open fire is the perfect fire to be retrofitted into any room with an existing fireplace. The range of firebox sizes and burners can also be bricked in on site and are available also in freestanding or double-sided models that might better suit your situation.

Jetmaster gas fireboxes come in a range of sizes to suit fireplace openings of 440, 500, 600, 700, 850 and 1050mm.

Jetmaster Gas Fires

Jetmaster IGC


Ortal gas fires offer a huge selection of installation options - single and double-sided, indoor/outdoor, freestanding, to name a few. Exclusive to Fireplaces WA

Ortal Gas Fires


Lopi balanced flue fires have a high heat output ranging from 90-260m2. The zero clearance boxes enables units to be installed into stud frame and either vertically or horizontally flued with insert options that also suit existing masonry chimneys. 

Lopi Linear range

Lopi ProBuilder Series

Lopi Cypress freestanding

Lopi Greenfield freestanding

Lopi Gas Inserts for existing chimneys

Lopi Linear 4415ST double-sided fire

Lopi 564 Direct Vent fire

Lopi 864 (Clean Face) Direct Vent fire

Lopi Probuilder 36 Clean Face

Lopi 864ST Direct Vent double-sided fire

Lopi Radiant Plus insert


Regency balanced flue gas fires offer zero clearance fires offer options to be installed into stud framework or an existing masonry chimney. Depending on the model, the fires can be either vertically or horizontally flued.

Regency Greenfire GF1500ST

Regency Greenfire GF1500L

Regency Greenfire GF900

Regency Panorama PG36

Regency GFi300L and GFi350L

Regency iG34

Regency FG39 Freestanding gas fire

Regency F33 Freestanding gas fire

Da Vinci by Lopi

Custom balanced flue gas fires are exclusive Fireplaces WA. 

Da Vinci by Lopi

Models and dimensions are subject to change without notice. Please use as a guide only.